Glarus Nord | Switzerland

16th international

Fair Trade Towns


22. – 24. September 2023

Welcome to the International Fair Trade Towns Conference 2023!

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Welcome to the official website of the International Fair Trade Towns Conference 2023. As we celebrate its 16th edition, this year the IFTTC will be hosted in the picturesque Fair Trade Town of Glarus Nord, Switzerland, at the scenic Lintharena venue. 

Experience a dynamic conference program, thematic excursions in the alpine region, and connect with people who share your passion for Fair Trade and sustainable consumption from all over the world.

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What You Can Expect From This Year’s Conference:

  • In-depth analyses and practical examples, engaging plenary discussions, interactive workshops, and innovation labs.
  • Networking with like-minded professionals, industry peers, and potential collaborators.
  • New insights and takeaways, as well as concrete approaches and tools.

All plenary sessions and selected workshops will be translated into German.

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Please refer to the detailed program for a complete overview of all plenaries and workshops, including an outline of the sessions and activities planned.

Impact & Innovation

Empower Lives, Transform Communities

Witness the empowering influence of Fair Trade and innovation. Discover the impact on farmers, artisans, and communities. Hear from producers in the Global South and explore groundbreaking research, cutting-edge products, and pioneering models. Experience the interconnected web of Fair Trade, where fair prices, sustainability, and community development converge.

Best Practice

From Fair Trade Towns to Nations

Discover the vibrant world of Fair Trade Towns, where grassroots movements and collective action drive fair trade practices at local, regional, and national levels. Dive into inspiring case studies, campaign updates, and stories of communities that have embraced the Fair Trade movement while learning from the best practices they have adopted.

Public Procurement

Procure with purpose

Unlock the game-changing potential of public procurement. From factories in developing countries to products and services procured by governmental agencies, public procurement drives sustainable and ethical practices. Explore opportunities and challenges in harnessing the purchasing power of institutions, cities, and municipalities. 

Innovation Lab

Going Beyond Ideas

Take part in engaging breakout spaces, bringing together a diverse and dynamic pool of minds. Find unique perspectives, expertise, and experiences at your table. Together, you can identify, ideate, and create. Identify opportunities and challenges, ideate innovative solutions, and co-create fruitful approaches, strategies, and initiatives to act upon them.

Youth Engagement

Build Intergenerational Bridges

Experience the power and potential of the next generation as catalysts for change in the Fair Trade movement. Delve into Fair Trade Schools and Universities, where social responsibility meets academic excellence. Discover effective strategies to engage and empower young people, amplifying their voices in the global conversation surrounding Fair Trade. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Activate Collective Action

Explore the power of collaboration and innovative approaches to engage stakeholders from all sectors. Discover creative ways to amplify voices, ensure representation, and promote inclusive decision-making processes. Witness the ripple effects of collective action and wisdom as stakeholders join forces to address challenges and find solutions, creating a positive impact.

Three Speakers, Three Stories: 

Jörg Arnold, the founder of Fairpicture, will demonstrate in the Ethical Storytelling workshop how visual communication can operate without relying on stereotypes and discrimination, thus enabling a fair and representative visual language.

Mayqueen Serwaa Frimpong, from fairafric, oversees the production line at fairafric Ghana and will serve as a young producer on the Youth Panel.

Marc Steiner, a judge at the Swiss Federal Administrative Court, is an expert in public procurement and will illustrate how the new procurement law can be practically, fairly, and effectively implemented.


  • WFTO Board Members,
  • The CEO of Fairtrade Max Havelaar Switzerland,
  • Fair Trade producers from Asia, Africa, and Latin America,
  • Young Fair Trade activists and advocates,
  • Creators of innovative Fair Trade products,
  • FTT representatives from South Africa, Ghana, Japan, Latin America, and all over Europe.