Swiss Fair Trade

In Switzerland, the Fair Trade Town campaign is spearheaded by Swiss Fair Trade, the umbrella organization representing Fair Trade initiatives and organizations throughout the nation. With an unwavering commitment to promoting Fair Trade principles, the association strives to strengthen and enhance Fair Trade structures while setting high standards and requirements. Members of Swiss Fair Trade include specialized trade organizations, social entrepreneurs, labels, and NGOs.

Fair Trade Towns International

Fair Trade Towns is a thriving global movement, achieving remarkable success across 32 countries. Over 2,000 cities and municipalities worldwide have proudly earned the prestigious recognition as Fair Trade Towns. Among these notable locales are Boston, Paris, Milan, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Seoul, exemplifying the widespread embrace of Fair Trade principles. Communities worldwide are fervently working towards promoting Fair Trade within their areas and regions, driven by the goal of empowering farmers and workers with improved conditions and opportunities.

Fair Trade Town Glarus Nord

Glarus Nord, Switzerland, proudly holds the distinction of being the country’s first Fair Trade Town since the 12th of February 2016. This remarkable achievement highlights the region’s commitment to promoting ethical and sustainable practices within its community. As the host of the 16th International Fair Trade Conference (IFFTC) in 2023, Glarus Nord exemplifies its leadership and dedication to the fair trade movement. The conference will take place at the stunning Lintharena, offering a modern and picturesque setting with indoor and outdoor activities as well as breathtaking panorama views of the mountains.